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Web site boosts sales success rate to 90%

Julius Spedale, Spedale Photography

The Situation:
Like most independent commercial photographers, Julius Spedale's business often rose and fell with the nuances of the economy. Maintaining a consistent level of business was difficult, even for an award-winning creative force like Jules.

Strategically speaking, having a site wasn't enough. In order for Jules' site to be noticed, the studio itself, Jules' portfolio, and the dynamics of Jules himself needed to be unveiled and creatively positioned. And so the entire site was conceived as a "subliminal internet portfolio."

PMG avoided presenting Jules' work in traditional captures...but instead opted to embed the work within every page that every page was indicative of his ability to work within the parameters of a client's design. Potential customers were exposed to precisely the type of environment they were seeking to create...whether it was for brochures, direct mailers, web, ad campaigns, or catalogs.

What kind of marketshare did Jules Spedale receive? His own words follow: "Thanks to PMG, I have an award-winning web site that's an incredible sales tool. It has changed the way I do business. By visiting my web site prospective clients understand the type of photographer I am, and the creativity I bring to every assignment. What I never anticipated is that my success rate of closing business from people who have seen my web site is more than 90%. And I'm proud to have my site win the prestigious LIAC award for being the Best on Long Island."

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