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Mindshare positioning nets 18% response for violin strings

Connolly & Co.

The Situation:
Connolly & Co., exclusive U.S. distributor for Thomastik-Infeld orchestral strings, was facing four tough questions: How to introduce a brand extension of Dominants, the world's best-selling violin strings? How to drive sales of a new product for children? In what marketplace? With a limited budget?

PMG's strategic foundation and extensive background in both the music industry and the education field identified the need for a focus group. This included a cross-section of violinists, educators, and parents. The results confirmed that Connolly's dollars would be best spent on influencing the private studio environment, including educators who teach the famous Suzuki Method.

The strategy crystallized: drive sales to driving consumers to the influencing educators to recommend new Dominant fractional size violin strings. The message soon followed: Dominant fractionals make learning easier and more enjoyable...for teacher and student alike. Unlike other fractional strings, Dominants are easier for students to play.

A dynamic print-based direct mailer conveyed a powerful emotional image to remind educators to recommend Dominant strings to students and parents. An incentive maximized response. The mailer offered a chance to win one of 20 sets of Dominant fractionals and presented a choice of a free string pouch or a full size poster.

The mailer was disseminated to an audience of about 6,600 educators, in August, just before the new school year began.

PMG's single-hit direct mailing generated a response rate in excess of 18%, greater than predicted. Educators were sufficiently charmed to share who they were, where they taught, and how many students were enrolled. We had succeeded in establishing branding and positioning in one effort. We now had true mindshare...the ultimate prize...and a real world database...the ticket to better business for our dealers. And we had greater marketshare for Connolly and Dominant strings...all accomplished within budget.

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