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CD-ROM pays off as direct mail

John Caccavale, Artisan Machining, Inc.

The Situation:
Artisan Machining had been in business for nearly 25 years, and President John Caccavale recognized it was time to bring Artisan to the next plateau -- the successful penetration of larger accounts. This meant a new customer base for Artisan; one in which the company had no visibility or reputation.

PMG evaluated Artisan's situation, rejected the industry-standard print brochures, and recommended a multimedia sales presentation. Artisan needed a sales tool that would establish a brand, meaning the difference between Artisan and all the others...and coordinate with a new Artisan web site.

PMG's strategic concept was to produce a multimedia presentation that would be fully animated, interactive and easy to navigate. It would illustrate all Artisan's the language that my customers and prospects understand.

The CD depicted the industries that Artisan services and the people and equipment that make Artisan a successful company. "PMG took full ownership of the production," Caccavale commented, "leaving me to focus on my business. The agency's designers, copy and creative people seemed to jump right into the mindset of my customer base and produced a presentation I was proud to use as a prospecting tool. Having something as leading edge as that on your side boosts confidence. You can hardly wait to get it out in front of your prospects. "

In the first month the Artisan CD-ROM was mailed to 10 prospects. Limiting this mailing to such a small audience enabled Artisan to effectively control follow up. Out of the initial 10 hits, two prospects booked orders. In both cases, neither client had previously known that Artisan existed.

Both new clients said that the CD played the major role in influencing their decision to select Artisan. "They were so impressed with the information, and execution, they felt that the same time and dedication would be put into the machined parts we would produce for them." Caccavale said. "What came next was completely unexpected: We currently do more than six figures worth of business with one of the two firms."

Beyond assisting in increasing Artisan's sales, the CD earned the BOLI (Best on Long Island) award for the Best Multimedia Presentation.

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