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Redefining marketplace perception for increased sales

Olympus America Inc. - Diagnostic Systems Groups (DSG)

The Situation:
The Diagnostic Systems Group of Olympus America Inc. is a leading provider of automated chemistry analyzers for metabolic testing in USA hospitals and commercial reference laboratories. Dominant in the reference area, DSG wanted to expand marketshare within the hospital marketplace. Key goals included: (1) overcome a negative image in hospitals across the USA and increase sales; (2) enfranchise Olympus field sales personnel; and (3) position Olympus and its solutions to pre-sell the brand.

The identity questions had existed for several years in the hospital market. PMG's strategy resisted the urge to defend the company. Rather than try to become enmeshed in changing an ingrained mindset, PMG engineered a broader vision that extended to "redefining laboratory productivity and efficiency." It offered hospitals the advantage of a new, beneficial direction without being bludgeoned by old perceptions. This needed to be deployed consistently, across the board, including re-educating the Olympus sales force to better understand the new customer base and the competition, and to provide tools to get into the trenches.

Repositioning Olympus DSG for the hospital marketplace necessitated creating the right messages and tactics. PMG created a theme centered on "redefining" lab productivity and efficiency that was used in a comprehensive program that included the following tactical elements:

Print Media: Olympus needed real estate to attract attention. Double-page, four-color spread ads were utilized to demonstrate the seriousness of Olympus' "redefining" commitment. They were multi-subject multitasking ads that stressed the strength of products and services and how Olympus instrumentation increases efficiency and productivity in the hospital lab. Powerful hospital-market graphic imagery reinforced the message.

Monographs/Case Histories: Written from the customers' perspective to communicate Olympus value, they provided blow-by-blow details of the Olympus benefits at work in hospitals and reference labs. They provided demonstrable evidence and built superb credibility with the target customer base.

Presentation Tools: Animated multimedia site sellers and integrated print collateral were developed for the sales force to use in person-to-person selling at hospitals. These further supported the promotional theme and positioning strategy.

Since the program's inception, Olympus lead generation has doubled. Audience awareness has increased by nearly 50%. In addition, Olympus' revenue goals have been reached in terms of system sales and residuals. Internally, there has been a sea of change in the group's sales culture. With more recent sales education programs in place, developed with PMG's help and reinforced by Olympus management, a consultative approach now permeates the collective mindset, thus leading to greater inroads among key prospects.

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