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Increasing sales with a strategic marketing plan

C&B Consulting Group, Inc.

The Situation:
C&B Consulting Group, Inc. is a dynamic benefits advisory firm that provides cost-effective employee benefits programs. In an industry dominated by giants and characterized by fierce competition, they occupied little mindshare. A mid-market broker, C&B needed to generate more viable leads in order to increase sales and revenue.

PMG determined that C&B had a viable position; after all C&B's client retention rate was an incredible 98. They could deliver what many companies direly wanted and weren't getting -- proactive customer service and the invaluable industry acumen of experienced benefit specialists and account managers.

PMG determined the direction. Frontal assaults on huge organizations like C&B's competitors didn't make sense. PMG established the direction for better resource allocation and greater marketshare through mindshare. Broad scale visibility could only be positively established consistently over time. The strategic marketing plan focused on increasing awareness and on positioning C&B as having expertise equal to the industry giants, with greater personal service.

Tactically, PMG identified a program of marketing tools. The C&B annual benefits survey was the first utilized, and it has become an industry standard. Annually, thousands of metropolitan area employers are contacted for opinions that are qualified, tabulated and analyzed. A detailed follow up survey report supplies insightful analyses, thought-provoking information. The company is now favorably perceived as a field leader, due most notably to the survey.

To supplement the direct marketing program, PMG also instituted regular vehicles, reaching a database of prospects and customers. These "newsletters" deliver valuable information on major industry issues, while reaffirming C&B's elevated customer mindshare. A regular series of seminars and workshops was also implemented to provide pertinent hands-on information in greater detail, continuing to brand C&B as a leader.

The tactical plan also included informative reference vehicles utilized by prospects and clients on a daily basis. The benefits-related collateral interprets new laws and regulations, and has included a HIPAA Compliance Guide, a COBRA Reference Guide.

Over the past four years, the strategic plan and its tactical elements have exceeded goals by increasing sales and substantially increasing revenue. During each of the last three years, participation in C&B's annual survey has increased by approximately 5 %. Today C&B is branded as one of the most believable providers of benefits and is recognized as one of the metropolitan area's top employee benefit consulting firms.

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