Twenty Questions

Q: What in tarnation is an SMO?

A: An SMO is a Strategic Marketing Organization. It is a concept coined and developed by PMG founder Mr. Jamie Stanco to provide a dedicated resource to companies in need of Positioning, Messaging and Branding services. Progressive Marketing Group is the prototypical SMO.

Q: Does PMG function as a resource or a solution?

A: Both. It all depends on the needs of our clients.

Q: Does PMG do everything in-house?

A: We are a full-service strategic marketing organization offering a wide variety of tactical items. All strategies and creative come from within. We do utilize outside tactical services such as photography, videography and occasionally art or highly specialized programming.

Q: What kind of budget does a client have to possess to interest PMG?

A: What interests us primarily is the nature of each client’s business and their goals. Budget, though important, is secondary.

Q: Do you work without budgets?

A: No. We believe in working within given parameters, not outside of them. The nature and extent of a budget helps predetermine the scope of our strategic and tactical programs.

Q: What are your fee structures like?

A: Competitive and reasonable.

Q: How do you work with your clients?

A: PMG can work with clients either as a resource or as a solution. The circumstances dictate the working relationship.

Q: Do you work on projects in addition to strategic programs?

A: Yes. But even our projects are created from the strategic side.

Q: Do you concentrate on certain niches or industries?

A: In the broad sense, yes. We do B2B and B2C. Much of our portfolio is concentrated in healthcare, technology, electronics, defense and imaging. We have significant experience with not-for-profits and utilities. We also have vast experience with business machines, testing services, real estate, as well as the hospitality industry and the music industry.

Q. What are your geographies?

A. We service clients in the USA as well as several foreign countries.

Q: You have won many awards for web design. Do you also host?

A: Yes. We can accommodate the needs of our clients in a number of ways.

Q: This site details what you do well. What do you not do well?

A: Promote ourselves. We’re too busy promoting our clients.

Q. How do you conduct strategic research?

A. Every case is different and proprietary.

Q. What’s the most important reason for a prospect to choose Progressive Marketing Group?

A. Bottom line success. The prospective client will receive proprietary strategy with a tactical program that will best achieve their desired goals.

Q. What’s the Strategic Branding Cycle?

A. We created The Strategic Branding Cycle to provide a concise overview of the process. It begins with Proprietary Strategy and includes Positioning, Messaging, Internal Branding, Creative, Articulation, Implementation, Brand Actualization and Reevaluation (metrics).

Q. How important is strategy?

A. As we have been quoted as saying for years: "Strategy transforms dreams into visions." Without a realistic strategy in place, dreams remain dreams and marketing tactics are often like rockets out of control.

Q. How important is Positioning?

A. Promoting a product, service or organization without knowing its actual strengths and weaknesses is foolish. Positioning is the process we use to determine realities before embarking on an initiative.

Q. How important is Messaging?

A. Reaching the right target audiences at the right time is only the beginning. Messaging is the tool that resonates with audiences most readily and most effectively, and needs to communicate directly and fluently.

Q. How important is Branding?

A. All organizations must differentiate between themselves and their competitors and build customer loyalty. Branding is the essence of this.

Q. What is Marketshare Through MindshareTM?

A. For one thing it is the name of our PMG eNewsletter. But more importantly, it is part and parcel of our guiding philosophy. If you want to create or gain marketshare, you have to dominate through mindshare.

Q: What’s the capital of Botswana?

A: Gaborone.

Based in Melville, Long Island, New York, USA, Progressive Marketing Group, Inc. originated and pioneered the concept of the Strategic Marketing Organization (SMO). Our proprietary strategic solutions are based on Positioning, Messaging and Branding. We design and produce tactical solutions as a means to attain business goals. Our solutions may include advertising, identity and logo development, collateral, newsletters and enewletters, email and direct mail, multimedia, events and exhibits, website design and development, mobile marketing, mobile sites, mobile apps, Flash design and animation, public relations, search engine optimization...and more. To find out how our SMO services can help you reach your business goals and help your bottom line, call PMG at 631-756-7160 or email us at

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